Guided tours of our factory are led by our staff and consist of a tour of the ground floor, where staff will describe how the sardines arrive and are salted in the factory with a complete explanation of the process.

Then, visitors will go upstairs to the first floor and see how the fish are processed through observation windows, as they may not enter the processing rooms at any time. Staff will give a complete explanation of the process and answer visitors’ questions.

Lastly, there will be tasting of anchovies paired with txakoli.

Duration: Approximately one to two hours, depending on the group and questions asked

Availability: From July to March for the complete process, and the rest of the year for the production process only.

Hours: To be arranged.

Groups: There’s no group minimum, and the price will depend on the number of people registered.

Location: Our Bermeo facilities

Price: To be agreed depending on the number of visitors. For arrangement, please call Juan Carlos Royo (+34- 670-411-036) or send an email to (when available).


Location and GPS coordinates:

  • Factory: Aguirre Auzoa Street,|Polígono Industrial Landabaso, Parcela 8, 2º Izquierda 48370 (BERMEO)
    Coordinates: 43.4230686 | -2.7357634
  • Port store: Kai Bidea Street
    Coordinates: 43.4175369 | -2.7165674

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